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SOUTH LOMBOK Land Sales focus on the quickly developing south coast of Lombok where we showcase spectacular properties for sale.  We offer a wide range of land for sale in highly sought-after coastal locations, such as

Kuta Mandalika, Gerupuk, and Selong Belanak.


Furthermore, we provide valuable information on the property buying process and guide you on how to set up your PT PMA.


Typically, when it comes to land for sale in Lombok, you'll find that it has been purchased by a developer, divided into smaller plots, and then sold for a profit. But here at SOUTH LOMBOK, we have a unique competitive advantage. We have the ability to facilitate deals directly with the original landowners.

This means you can benefit from better value sales, making your investment profitable right from the start. Plus, our local team is well-versed in the Sasak language, Indonesian, and of course, English. So, if you know what you're looking for, our team can talk to locals in your area of interest, meet with the Kepala Desa (Head of the Village), find out what's available, and deliver you with the best options to suit your needs.

We'll even negotiate the best price on your behalf and make sure the buying process runs smoothly. We also sell on behalf of investors and have some incredible plots listed for sale. And if you can't find what you're looking for on our website, don't worry, just give get in touch and we'll be happy to help!



Our people are here to make the process of investing in Indonesia easy and safe

Tralala Lombok Land Sales CEO


Tralala has been working as a land agent for the last 9 years.

A successful entrepreneur & investor, he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Tourism in Perth, Australia. Before founding SOUTH LOMBOK, Tralala was employed as territory manager for a major booking platform, and opened his own villa complex, Blue Monkey Villas in 2004.

James Thorne, director of South Lombok Land Sales.jpg


Marketing expert and former CEO of a London based events agency, James first visited Lombok in 2010 & fell in love with the peaceful culture & uncrowded waves. After investing himself and experiencing the challenges, James saw an opportunity for an agency that could guide investors through the process and founded PT. SOUTH LOMBOK with Tralala. 

Fern Leaves
Ida Stenlund-Thorne, Sales Manager at South Lombok Land Sales

Sales  Manager

Our superstar specialist in international sales, Ida graduated with a Master's from Stockholm School of Economics before dedicating her time to a tech startup in the music industry. Ida is on hand to assist with sales and any kelapa muda which need attending to. 

Amir, sales assistant at South Lombok Land Sales

Sales  Assistant

Amir is our top man on the ground.

Heading up landscaping projects, chauffeuring clients, occasionally quenching the team's thirst by climbing trees to collect fresh coconuts and also leading local negotiations;

There aren't many tasks which Unkle Amir can't handle.

Green Plants
Ibu Oni Monica, legal advisor, lawyer and notaris at South Lombok Land Sales

Legal Advisor

Our highly trusted Legal Advisor Oni studied law in Mataram, Lombok before completing her Master's at the prestigious University of Indonesia in Jakarta. Oni assists with all aspects of our organisation, from notarising contracts to establishing PT PMA foreign investment companies for our clients.



South Lombok is a prime location for anyone looking to invest in land, and the Mandalika project is a significant factor in the area's growth and development. The project covers 1,175 hectares of coastal land in Kuta, South Lombok, with a value of over $3 billion. This project is backed by the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) and is set to be a game-changer for the region.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Mandalika project is the plans for hotel development. There are already two completed hotels - the Pullman Hotel with 270 rooms and the Novotel with 102 rooms. But the development doesn't stop there. There are several hotels under construction, including the Royal Tulip Hotel with 198 rooms, the X2 Hotel with 240 rooms, the Club Med Hotel with 350 rooms, the Grand Mercure Hotel with 342 rooms, the Aloft by Marriott Hotel with 173 rooms, and the Paramount Lombok Resort and Residences with 1,500 rooms. All of these hotels combined will provide a significant boost to the local economy and attract tourists from around the world.


The Mandalika project also includes various parks, including a water park, eco-park, and mangrove park. The development includes an electric light rail train and a cable car, making it easy for tourists to get around the area. A big attraction of the Mandalika project is the Tiger Woods designed 27-hole golf course. The proposed golf course is set to attract a new audience to the area, in addition to the motorsport fans and surfers who already visit South Lombok.


Speaking of motorsports, the Mandalika project includes an international-standard motor-racing circuit, contracted to host MotoGP and WSBK for another 9 years. The 2022 MotoGP had 65,000 attendees, and the event generated $209 million in economic value. During the event, over 18,200 out of the 20,607 rooms available in Lombok were occupied, showing the significant impact this event had on the local economy. Over 70 million viewers tuned in to watch the event worldwide, making it a fantastic marketing opportunity for the region.


Another exciting development in the Mandalika project is the Marina Del Rey. This will be the first fully functional 200-berth super-yacht facility, providing a luxurious experience for visitors to the area. And the best part? The development promises to retain 51% of the area as open green space, with plans to incorporate solar power and a water desalination plant.

All of these developments will provide job opportunities for the local community, with the goal of having 56,000 workers living in Mandalika by 2030. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to invest in land in South Lombok, as the Mandalika project will undoubtedly bring in significant amounts of revenue and create a thriving economy.

In addition to the exciting hotel developments, parks, transportation options, and amenities, the area also offers a new school and a hospital, making it an excellent location for families looking to settle in South Lombok. The Mandalika Intercultural School is a private, non-profit institution that provides a world-class education while promoting cultural diversity, environmental awareness, and community service. This school offers an excellent opportunity for families to give their children a great education while enjoying the stunning surroundings of South Lombok.


Another significant development in the region is the new hospital. The Mandalika Hospital is a modern, state-of-the-art facility that provides a full range of medical services to residents and visitors in the area. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical technology and staffed by highly trained medical professionals, ensuring the best possible care for patients. The cutting-edge hospital is a requirement of the FIM before allowing world-class athletes to compete at the newly completed circuit. Yet it also provides peace of mind for families seeking high-quality healthcare options.

To conclude, investing in land in South Lombok is a smart decision, especially with the Mandalika project well underway.

The project encompasses a diverse array of accommodations, green spaces, transportation alternatives, and exciting amenities, including an international standard motorsports track and a 27-hole golf course designed by Tiger Woods. These fantastic features will appeal to visitors globally and contribute substantially to the area's economy while generating job prospects for the locals. And the inclusion of a world-class school and modern hospital makes the area a great option for young families who want to settle down in a beautiful and thriving community.



When buying land in Indonesia the are many things to think about. These should be some of your top considerations:


Be aware when buying land if your plot isn’t next to a main road. If you have to cross someone else's land to enter and exit, that person will probably expect compensation for diggers and heavy machinery churning up their property when it comes time to build and they could even hold you to ransom. Everybody needs a driveway!



Electricity in Lombok is state-owned and there is a small fee of around Rp3M for hook-up and installation of a meter. But beware, if you’re looking at land in a very remote location, it could be a long way to carry electricity and you’ll be paying per meter for cable, pylons and labour. Even once connected you might want to consider a back-up generator.



Water supply is rare in Indonesia, especially in rural locations including Kuta. Standard practice is to dig a borehole at the cost of around Rp700k per meter of depth inclusive of piping, or to share a neighbour's well. If you’re close to the ocean, you won’t have to go very deep to get water. You can’t drink it and all your bathroom taps and fittings will corrode very quickly without a filter.



You might want to check the local phone connections. In some cases, investors have paid for a mast to be erected close by to provide internet. This costs around Rp30M. At other times, cable runs from existing connections can be more economical at around Rp3k per meter.


Local Integration

When the time comes to build, or even do some gardening, it’s common practice to employ locally wherever you can. Don’t forget to embrace the local life and try to integrate into the community.



Be aware that not all modern practices are achievable in Lombok. It’s highly recommended that if you don’t use a local architect, you at least consult with one to make sure your vision is realisable using local materials and skills.





I first visited Bali and Lombok in 2010 and had instantly fallen in love with Indonesia. It was the warm, perfectly peeling uncrowded waves, the friendly culture, cheap healthy food and sense of adventure that drew me in. I’d never experienced anywhere like it before, after 8 weeks I was smitten and vowed to return and spend as much of my life there as visas and money would allow.

Gerupuk 2010

Gerupuk February 2010

Grupuk, Lombok.jpg

Gerupuk August 2017

Fast forward to 2016 and I’d started to pick up some freelance work in Asia. Although I’d not been back in almost a decade, I’d never forgotten about the magic of Indo and was eager to get back for a visit.


While browsing Facebook, I’d read an article about my friend Heidi who was living in Lombok working as a chef, I forget the details but I remember being amazed she was living there and making it work. After reaching out she invited me to stay at a villa she was sharing with a yoga instructor and a restaurant manager. Heidi introduced me to friends from all walks of life, who were running various businesses and projects in Kuta. It was that trip which introduced me to the concept of expat life. I ended up staying at the villa and using it as a base from which to travel to the various jobs I had lined up in the region.


Soon after this Ida, my now wife, flew out to Indonesia for the first time on a three-week vacation. Excited to show her the beauty of Bali and Lombok, I wanted to give her the best time possible and I’d hoped she would fall in love with the Islands as I had done. Well, it was a great success and one evening, while watching the sun setting over the Indian ocean from a clifftop in Ekas called Heavens Gate, I asked if she could see herself living in Indo? She said she could.


Ekas October 2017


Belongas September 2018

That was the point at which our journey of trying to become business owners in Indonesia began. The plan was loose but we knew the first step was finding a plot of land on which to build. We spoke to everyone we could, expats, locals, lawyers, estate agents, to get as much information on what we were trying to achieve as we could. We looked at plots in various developments and we spoke to locals who roughly threw stones to mark out plots they could sell us. This continued long after Ida had returned to Sweden, and each night we would go through notes and I would send videos of the plots I’d found and the conversations I’d had.


I had a tip-off about a Frenchman who owned a business in Are Guling and who potentially had land for sale. So as with every day, I fired up the scooter and headed off to see what I could find. I asked around the village and ended up driving up to Blue Monkey Villas where, with a huge grin, the manager shouted down from the restaurant to ask if he could help me. When I told him what I was doing, he shouted down, “No French here” but invited me to come up.


He was having a meeting with a landowner and had a land certificated on the table, once he’d wrapped up his meeting we began to discuss why I was there and explained my plans.


I hadn’t found who I was looking for, but I’d definitely found the right person!


We still laugh about that today. I’d met Tralala, the owner of Blue Monkey Villas, my now business partner and close friend.

I loved this guy, he laughed a lot, and as well as being very intelligent, he also knew a lot about buying and selling land. He had spent four years studying Tourism Management at Perth University, sponsored by his adopted Australian family.

We looked at a few locations in the area, but when I stood on our half-hectare in Are Guling, I just felt it. I knew it was the place.


Slovenia July 2019


Pangang January 2019

The process of purchasing land felt complex and at times scary. We encountered a local man who claimed ownership of the land, he claimed his three sons had sold the land while he was ill. And when all the activity started with GPS marking and governments officials walking around, he came up to express his situation. The advice from our legal counsel was he didn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and he would be laughed out of court. But, they said, this is not a legal problem, this a social problem. And their advice was to pay him something.


This was the responsibility of the seller, not on us as the buyers and they agreed to let Tralala negotiate with the old man on their behalf. I think the price went from 10,000 AUD to just a few hundred, everyone was happy with that, and once paid he signed a contract that he was satisfied and relinquished any claim over the land.

It was about two months from that cliff top in Ekas to owning land in Lombok, we used Tralala as our nominee, and a good friendship was born.


Since then Tralala and I have invested together in other locations across South Lombok, we’ve started a business with Heidi, and we have founded PT. SOUTH LOMBOK GROUP. 


Having experienced the buying process many times ourselves, we understand first-hand how challenging it can be. Information is difficult to find and the process is sometimes intimidating. We believe it should be fun and exciting, so we aim to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.





Jl. Pantai Mawun, Tumpak, Kec.

Pujut, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah,

Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83572, Indonesia

Tel/WhatsApp English: +46 760 303 758

Tel/WhatsApp Bahasa: +62 853 3775 6416

Ida and James are presently out of Indonesia and cannot attend consultations at this time. Nevertheless, should you express interest in a specific property listing, we are more than willing to coordinate an on-site meeting with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for your convenience.

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