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22,000 m2

$17 AUD per m2 - $374k

This total white sand beachfront plot is situated in the sleepy, paradise cove of Panggangtap. The south side of the bay is protected from waves and the turquoise water is perfect for swimming whereas the reef on the north end of the bay allows swell to pitch up and offers great surfing in the form of a long peeling left-hand wave.

Walks out to "Long Island" on the south-east end of the bay offer fantastic bouldering, climbing & stunning views.

Although high power electric and 3G are already established in the area, access is currently tricky. The dirt road leading to Panggang can be difficult after a rainfall, but paved access is just a matter of time.

The neighbouring villa business on the south end of the bay offers boat access to guests from the Belongas harbour.


  • Total white sand beachfront
  • Flat level land with coconut trees
  • Great surfing, swimming and rock climbing
  • High power electricity lines & 3G
  • Easy water
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