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Surfing in Lombok: Exploring Selong Belanak, Mawi, and Gerupuk with the Deus Team: Lombok Surfari

If you're a surfer, you know the thrill of chasing waves and exploring new locations. That's exactly what four friends, Husni Ridhwan, Deni Firdaus, Dean Permana and an 1963 series 2 Land Rover did when they decided to embark on a surfing adventure in Lombok.

The crew, consisting of the three friends and an old 1963 series 2 land rover, visited Lombok to surf and shoot . These three surfers were welcomed by the local community.

They were inspired by the surf pioneers who roamed the southern coast of Java looking for waves during the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Their love for surfing brought them together and led them to explore the pristine beaches of Selong Belanak, Mawi, and Gerupuk.

In their home town, they shared what little they had, including the first surfboards they managed to acquire through these early travellers, either from breakage or gifts, fortuitous enough to grow up in a town on the map for the water magicians who passed through.

The video of their surfing adventure in Lombok, shot and edited by Andre Cricket, captures the essence of their journey and showcases the natural beauty of Lombok and the unique surfing experiences that the island has to offer. The drone shots by Akbarqkahom provide a bird's eye view of the stunning coastline, while the music by Andy Sixstring sets the perfect vibe for the video.

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