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Mandalika Intercultural School Makes South Lombok an Attractive Proposition for Young Families

As Lombok continues to attract an influx of foreign and domestic migrants, the need for quality education with international standards has become increasingly important. The Mandalika Intercultural School (MIS) was established in 2017 under the name Rinjani Indah School and recently changed its name after expanding to a brand-new, state-of-the-art campus in central Kuta. The school aims to provide quality education for students from Early Years to High School levels, and offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as surfing, scuba diving, football, yoga, and more.

The campus was built sustainably with a focus on utilizing local resources. The school incorporates sasak architectural designs at the security gate, and the organic shape of the main hall is inspired by a giant manta. The construction of the school building is expected to be completed in October, and the school has new modern classrooms, playing fields, Manta Hall (their bamboo assembly and indoor sports hall), arts, computer, and science labs. The school is located in the middle of a rice padi, surrounded by forested hillside and coconut trees, and has an orchard and mini-farm on campus to encourage children to connect with nature.

MIS follows the Australian Curriculum Framework with an international focus for HASS and Science for Early Years to Middle School, while High School students follow the Cambridge A Level program. The school is a member of the Foundation for Environmental Education and aims to instill a sense of environmental responsibility in its students. MIS also collaborates with local organizations such as the Al-Qur'an Education Park at the Baiturrahman Merendeng Mosque for collaborative activities.

MIS has a strong focus on social activities, with students actively involved in projects such as Kuta Lombok Dogs, Batu Bambu Kids Foundation, Lombok Aid, and Lombok Plastic Free. The school serves as an integral part of the local community and was made possible in part by an increase in remote workers in Lombok due to the MotoGP track and developments by ITDC and BUMN.

The Mandalika Intercultural School is a top-notch educational institution that provides quality education with international standards while instilling environmental responsibility and social awareness in its students. The school’s commitment to cultural diversity also makes it an ideal choice for expat families. The school provides a supportive and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds, helping them feel at home in a new country. The school offers a range of services to support expat families, including language classes and cultural orientation programs.

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